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Letztes Update / last update: Nov 23, 2017
Aircraft Type Series c/n s/n Registration Airline Remarks ex Registration
 Airbus A319  -132  2396    SX-ABE  Olympus Airways  ferried 21-22nov17 IST-ATH-DJE-FIH on wet-lease to Congo Airlines in full cs  ex B-6170
 Airbus A319  -132  2835    D-AGWB  Eurowings  ferried 23nov17 OSR-CGN after paint  ex D-AVXI
 Airbus A319  -111  3059    OE-LQZ  easyJet Europe  last in svc 16nov17 LGW-SXF prior transfer , re-regd 20nov17  ex G-EZBM
 Airbus A319  -132  3352    D-AGWH  Eurowings  ferried 22nov17 DUS-SOF for cabin config**  ex D-AVYX
 Airbus A319  -111  3403    VQ-BTK  Vim Avia  ferried 23nov17 DME-WOE on return to lessor  ex AP-EDC
 Airbus A319  -112  4258    OK-PET  CSA Czech Airlines  posn 21nov17 ORG-CGN on wet-lease to Eurowings  ex D-AVWM
 Airbus A320  -211  267    D-AIQL  Eurowings  ferried 22nov17 CGN-KUN for paint  ex F-WWDY
 Airbus A320  -212  400    EP-ZAL  Zagros Airlines  ferried 21nov17 MPL-THR prior return to svc  ex UR-CNA
 Airbus A320  -214  1717    D-ABNI  Air Berlin  Eurowings cs, ferried 21nov17 CGN-SXF prior return to lessor  ex OE-IDE
 Airbus A320  -232  2331    RP-C7934  Pan Pacific Airlines  delivery / in svc 21nov17 CRK-ILO-ICN-ILO  ex VN-A555
 Airbus A320  -214  2529    D-ASPG  Small Planet Airlines Germany  ferried 22nov17 PAD-BUD prior return to (Air Berlin) lessor  ex OE-LEA
 Airbus A320  -214  3093    D-ABDP  Air Berlin  Eurowings cs, to be ferried 24nov17 CGN-SXF prior return to lessor  ex OE-LEN
 Airbus A320  -214  3278    EI-GCX  DVB Bank  Monarch Airlines cs, seen regd at OSR 22nov17  ex G-ZBAT
 Airbus A320  -214  4101    EI-GCS  tba  Air Berlin cs, seen regd 22no17 at OSR  ex D-ABFA
 Airbus A320  -214  4161VIE    OE-LOC  flyNiki  regd 22nov17 at VIE  ex D-ABFC
 Airbus A320  -214  4510    VT-  IndiGo Airlines  air-test at OSR 22nov17 by Lufthansa Technik, D-reg after paint prior delivery  ex D-ABFN
 Airbus A320  -214  4721    HB-JXI  EasyJet Switzerland  ferried 20nov17 LGW-GVA, re-regd 22nov17  excG-EZUI
 Airbus A320  -214  6565    OE-IJK  easyJet Europe  ferried 20/22nov17 MXP-LJU-MXP on transfer, regd 22nov17  ex G-EZOJ
 Airbus A320  -214  7537    OE-IVM  easyJet Europe  ferried 22nov17 MXP-LJU, G-reg prior transfer  ex G-EZPV
 Airbus A320  -251N  7802    G-UZHC  easyJet  deliver y 22nov17 XFW-LTN  ex D-AVVJ
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