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Letztes Update / last update: Apr 20, 2014
Aircraft Type Series c/n s/n Registration Airline Remarks ex Registration
 Airbus A300  B4-203(F)  236    N834JM  Transcarga Int´l Airways  delivery 15apr14 LDE-SMA-SFB  ex EI-OZD
 Airbus A300  -622R(F)  743    EI-EYK  ILFC  ferried 18-19apr13 ULN-OVB-LDE, Air Cargo Mongolia JU-8128 ntu  ex TC-ACK
 Airbus A319  -132  1608    PR-MAH  TAM  ferried 18apr14 POA-QSC afer storage, all white  ex D-AIJO
 Airbus A319  -111  2243    VP-BWL  Aurora Airlines  re-delivery 17-18apr14 OSR-OVB-VVO after paint  ex D-AVWV
 Airbus A319  -132  2296    N229RG  CIT Aerospace  regd 14apr14, ferried 18apr14 MEX-BGR on delivery to Air Serbia  ex XA-VOR
 Airbus A319  -132  2383    N1821V  VECA Airlines  delivery 15apr14 MIA-TLC, all white  ex 5B-DCN
 Airbus A319  -112  3385    VQ-BTZ  Ural Airlines  delivery 18apr14 IST-SVX  ex AP-BIE
 Airbus A319  -132  4605    HC-CPY  LAN Ecuador  re-regd in svc 14apr14 ex GYE after transfer  ex CC-BCC
 Airbus A319  -132  6068    N694AV  Avianca  delivery 17-18apr14 XFW-TFS-FOR-BOG  ex D-AVWI
 Airbus A320  -214  749    I-EEZI  Meridiana  ferried 15apr14 DUB-CAG after paint into standard cs  ex F-GRSH
 Airbus A320  -214  1213    UR-AJA  AtlasJet Ukraine  ferried 19apr14 LWO-IST (+ 733 UR-AJB 08apr14)  ex VQ-BHS
 Airbus A320  -232  2029    EI-FDL  Kolavia MetroJet  re-delivery 16apr14 BTS-DME after paint  ex TC-KLA
 Airbus A320  -214  2189    9H-AEI  Air Malta  ferried 16apr14 OSR-MLA after paint into retro cs  ex XA-SOB
 Airbus A320  -232  2376    B-22317  TransAsia Airways  delivery 18apr14 SZB-TSA  ex EI-FCS
 Airbus A320  -214  2658    OE-ICU  Ames Camo  ferried 17-18apr14 MNL-GYD-SNN-OSR, basic StarFlyer cs for paint, for Vueling  ex JA02MC
 Airbus A320  -214  3444    EC-  Vueling  seen regd EI-FDT 18apr14 at DUB prior delivery  ex A6-ABK
 Airbus A320  -214  4433    D-ABFK  Air Berlin  posn 19apr14 MUC-DUS with large Bitburger “Fan Force One” decals  ex D-AVVQ
 Airbus A320  -233  4439    CC-BAC  LAN Airlines  oneWorld cs, at GYE 16apr14 prior ferry GYE-SCL on transfer  ex HC-CLC
 Airbus A320  -214  5253    T7-MRC  MEA Middle East Airlines  re-regd in svc 15apr14 BEY-AMM-BEY  ex F-OMRC
 Airbus A320  -233  561**    LY-VEP  Avion Express  positioned 18apr14 CHR-BRU after paint into all white on summer-lease to Thomas Cook Belgium  ex F-ORAE
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